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Sir Edward Burne-Jones - Kelmscott Chaucer Illustrations

The final years of the life-long artistic partnership of Sir Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris included a major project to publish the complete works of Geoffrey Chaucer. The Kelmscott Press was set up by Morris in Hammersmith in 1891. The Works of Chaucer was finally published in 1896 with a print-run of just 438 copies. Today the original books re-sell at eye-watering prices. The book is considered as second only to the Gutenberg Bible in importance to the history of printing. Encapsulating the life-long interests of Morris and Burne-Jones in medieval story-telling, the design and craftsmanship in the book was the ultimate demonstration of their rebellion against the worst of industrial Victorian England.

Sir Edward Burne-Jones worked on the illustrations for over three years, often at home on Sundays, when William Morris would come round and join him. The 87 illustrations were transcribed onto woodcuts with William Morris designing floral borders to surround the prints.

These prints are great for home or public display.

Prints are sold as 'Tales'  as well as singly The first 'Tale'to be released is one of the best known: 'The wife of Bath's tale' which often features on Positively Birmingham Walking Tour No. 2.

Prints are supplied in professional quality mounts allowing you to purchase a frame locally or alternatively we supply framed in Nielsen silver border frames. POST FREE to UK with postage added at checkout for rest of world destinations.